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UnderDark Photography

Alan Cuthbertson

My present task is to built a professional portfolio. From there the possibilities are endless! If you have any project ideas, let me know. I’ll probably be interested.
My up coming projects include some pinup photography, some motorcycle and lingerie, possibly a shoot at the Lancaster Bomber Museum in Nanton, Alberta and would like to get out into the forest for some woodlands shoots while the weather is nice. Always looking for models who would enjoy working with me on this.

I am starting to look for more imaginative angles and ideas for shoots. No idea is to different for me.

There is a certain level of excellence I have set for myself and until I achieve that my compensation is merely your time and talents as a model or MUA. I am not presently charging for my time or skills until I have made and exceeded that level of excellence I have set for myself.

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